A downloadable game

A "Small World" Board Game System. Build solitaire board games. I make these kinds of board games since I was a little kid. They are easy to make and can be anything you want.

If you do end up using this show me a photo of your creation on twitter @headchant.

## How To Play

1. Put your figure on your starting circle.
2. You can move once per round to a connected circle.
3. At the circle, pick a card from the corresponding card stack and follow the text on the card.

## Make Your Own

Making your own is also really easy.

### Materials

- paper
- pens
- scissors
- figurines, markers

### Steps

1. Make a map
2. give circles symbol which correspond to stack
3. make cards and put stack symbol to stack


cwbgsmanual.pdf (2 MB)
sheet.p8.png (5 kB)
post compo: example game wizardsofgoetia.pdf (2 MB)