In this game there are markers called 'picostops' scattered throughout the map which drop random items whenever you have defeated a few wild monsters. 'Picostops' also replenish and revive all the monsters in your party. Catch new monsters with picoballs.

Due to the save restrictions of pico8 the team size in this is only 4. Every wild monsters can have up to 4 different moves it's recommended to catch and compare to build your best team. There is also a very small story about professor corks whereabouts...

Let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks for checking it out :)


arrow keys: move around
x: open menu to view monsters, items and save
z: interact with people and things

Each monster is associated with an element and some elements have advantages over others.

Advantage of elements

Earth: none
Air: Water
Water: Fire
Fire: Earth, Air

Published Aug 13, 2016
TagsJRPG, PICO-8, poke


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Why does it say "THE ALL YOUR MONSTERS ARE HEALED..." when you go to the Pico stop? Shouldn't there be no "the" in the sentence?

The game is glitched and sometimes randomly forces me into a random encounter without moving into grass. Fix it please.

does this game end after you get the hammer?

This was dope.

This is awesome!

This is incredible!


this was a realy impressive game you made

nice game!, what do u use to create this game? any coding is needed?


Thanks! I used Pico-8 to make this: It uses Lua for the scripting/coding.

Funny concept :)

I encountered the most bizarre glitch. When I was in the cave, I encountered a normal picomon, then its sprite flashed, then it became a different picomon. Then after deafeating the new one, it became a second. This happened 2 times, but after the 2nd, I somehow warped to the beginning. It was pretty wierd...

Tried to fix that glitch in the latest version. Thank you for pointing that out!

Pretty awesome game. Was actually very enjoyable! Keep up the good work!

Good Game :)

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Lovely game! I never grew up playing Pokemon, but this is just such a joy to play.

Two problems I've found though.

1. Smokeballs for some reason don't get 'used' so if you even have one you have an infinite amount.

2. After getting the apple and going over to the guy who wants the apple, along the way my game glitched and every few steps (on any tile) it would glitch into a battle.

EDIT: I believe this was cuased by me not actually clearing my inventory. I thought I was down to 10, but I wasn't, so it glitched out.

Also, is there no way to restart to a new game?

PS. Do you plan on expanding this game?

Thank you for the kind words, Chris! I will fix the issues in the next version.

I don't think I will expand on this a lot in the future but I have ideas for a few minor upgrades(trainers, endgame goal...). I am also at the limit of Pico-8 tokens so I can not add too much more.

I can't seem to find wild monsters in the grass, what am I doing wrong? ;w;


try again, it should work now :)

you should prevent to release if only have one picomon, i release swoopy the moment i found the feature and the game crash xD

Thanks for playing and the feedback! Wow, you are totally right. I fixed that in the latest version.

Oh man, I enjoyed that. Good job Headchant!